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smart in Seattle: Saturday front page article in the Seattle Times (Nov. 20th. 1999):

smart Portland: article in the New York Times (May 17th. 2000):

smartand art: Show "Different Roads" in the Museum of Modern Art, New York:

smartmovein Europe: benefits of enhanced Mobility Services ...

smartparking: SPIEGEL-ONLINE March 23rd. 2000:,1518,70355,00.html

smartTourUSA: smarton a tour from San Francisco to New York and back in spring 2000:

smart on a trip fromSwitzerland to the icy Nordkap far up in Norway, Europe, Feb. 2000:

Electric smart by Zytec & ZEBRA exhibited at SAE 2000 World Congress USA: (prototype version)

smart smart as shown at the Microcar and Minicar Convention at Newton, Massachusetts USA in July 2000

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Flower Power and art cars: In the seventies as well as in the new millennium ...

Super arts & lifestyle gathering ...

Casa Escondida, Bed & Breakfast in Chimayo, New Mexico (close to Santa Fe) Reservations only: 1-800-643-7201

Agnes Chavez Gallery, Contemporary Art, Ranchos de Taos, New Mexico (close to Santa Fe)

Ojo Sarco Pottery, Kathy Riggs & Jake Willson Tel. (505) 689-2354

Patina Gallery, Santa Fe, New Mexico, USA: Representing Fine Hand Crafted Jewelry and Contemporary Craft Objects.
Ask for Andi Shapiro:

Handsel Gallery, Santa Fe, New Mexico, USA: fine contemporary art; ceramic sculpture; art glass.
Ask for Michael Matassa:

Ojo Caliente Mineral Hot Springs, Ojo Caliente, New Mexico, USA: Nature's gift to you

Hot sports cars from Panoz Auto Development in Braselton, near Atlanta, Georgia

and this is the racetrack for the sports cars of Panoz Auto in Braselton, near Atlanta, Georgia:

Wheels for race cars:

A place to stay overnight, a peace organization:

Al Gore wants to be president of the USA:

The French chateau in Braselton, near Atlanta, Georgia USA:

Eco-Drive in Switzerland:

A Luxury Bed&Breakfast in Clarkesville, Georgia USA:

A gallery especially for fine ceramics, from Kathy Triplett among others :

EcoVillage Training Center (reminded us to Oeko-Center Schattweid in Switzerland):

What's an Earthship??!! Solar & wind powered. No utility bills. Water conservation & reuse. Recycled & natural materials. Beautiful, low impact, affordable and custom housing ...


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OverviewCar Sharing / Mobility Services

CarSharing Seattle WA USA

CarSharing Portland OR USA

CarSharing Boston MA USA

CarLink,ITS, UC Davis CA USA

IntellishareRiverside CA USA

StationCars USA

CarSharing Edinburgh UK

MobilityPackage, CS Switzerland

MobilityPortal Switzerland

MobilityManagement Switzerland

SocialMarketing of Sustainable Mobility

DriveStadtauto, Germany

MobilityPortal Germany

MobilityPortal Stuttgart, Germany  

MobilitySystems for Urban Bikes

CarSharing in France (Praxitele)

MobilityPackage, France (Tulip)


ParatransitUSA / commuter vanpools

ParatransitUSA / airports

smartmove:Mobility Package

Ford:TH!NK: Mobility Package

Honda: ICVS: Mobility Package

Toyota: Crayon: Mobility Package

smart as part of 'Mobility services' in Berlin, Germany:

Sun Internet-Car 

Mobilephonebased vehicle access

AdvancedCar Sales

ThinkTank for mobility services

TransitInformation Services

IntelligentTransport Systems

AdvancedTransportation Solutions  

The TV-Host Sally Jessy Raphael, New York spent months trying to free her smart from customs: